Southern France
We invite you for a drink with people from southern France. We would like you to try our delicious soup "au pistou", to eat a fresh goat cheese with a Cotes-du-Rhône wine. Come and have Mediterranean fruits in your plate.

See here how marvelous are the rocky coasts, how huge are the caves, how colourful are the vegetable markets, how typical are the villages built around their town tower, their castle or their old church.

Come to smell the Mediterranean flowers, the lavanda, thyme or rosmarinus, the mimosa or jasmine, the pinetree resina or the rose trees.

Come here to appreciate the light of sunny skies, the song of waterfalls, the squares under the shadow of local trees, the large areas of the "causses", the heat of the sand on our beaches...

Come here for a bath of energy in one of the many natural parks, on the paths across mountains, in the forests of pine trees along the seaside, enjoying the songs of birds and the rumour of the water.

Come here to discover or live again the charms of the past, to play balls or cards, to attend lively shows of southern folklore, to immerge in the atmosphere of summer festivals.

Because you are most welcomed.

Either with a few fellows or with a group, you will be guided on the ways and roads of southern France according to your rythm. We shall find for you the most pleasant places to eat or stay overnight, choose for your pleasure the spots where to live your passions and to fulfill your wishes.

- places of interest

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See you soon !

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